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 Environmental Health and Safety           Department                          257-2120


University Student Health Center       257-4866

Ambulance  911

North Louisiana Medical Center     254-2100

Poison Control Center                800-222-1222


Ruston Fire Department                        911


University Police                              257-4018

Ruston Police                                       911

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The mission of Louisiana Tech Office of Environmental Safety is to promote and assist the University community in maintaining a safe workplace and ensure compliance with federal and state safety regulations and reporting.


1200 Lomax Drive, Ruston, Louisiana

Safety Training Resources

Safety Policy

It is the policy of the Administration of Louisiana Tech University to provide a work and educational environment which is free from recognized hazards that are or can be responsible for injury or illness.  In addition, it is essential that the assets of the University be protected from losses which could result in loss to equipment, research, materials, or buildings. To coordinate these policies, an extensive loss control program has been established as part of the total administrative effort.

Responsibility for the implementation of this program is assigned to the Environmental Health & Safety Department.  They will work with the guidance and advice of the University Safety Committee to provide programs for the recognition, evaluation, and control of hazards and potential losses.  The ultimate responsibility for safety, however, cannot be delegated as a staff function; it must be assumed by every member of the University community.  Each individual is expected to comply with all identified life safety and health standards and all rules and regulations pursuant to our policy for the prevention of accidents and job-related illness.

Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and other supervisors are required to be continuously cognizant of the health and safety needs of their personnel and are responsible for initiating the necessary preventative and corrective measures to minimize safety hazards associated with activities under their direction.  It is essential that all supervisory personnel accept this responsibility for the safety of all persons coming into their areas and for the safety of all personnel under their jurisdiction.  In addition, whenever possible, safety should be incorporated as an integral part of all courses in which there is a potential for hazard, accidental injury or illness in the classrooms, laboratories, or shops.

Leslie K. Guice, President