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 Environmental Health and Safety           Department                          257-2120


University Student Health Center       257-4866

Ambulance  911

North Louisiana Medical Center     254-2100

Poison Control Center                800-222-1222


Ruston Fire Department                        911


University Police                              257-4018

Ruston Police                                       911

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This Program applied to all persons who travel on State of Louisiana business as part of their responsibilities at Louisiana Tech University. It applied to the operation of a “State Vehicle” or a private vehicle. A “State Vehicle” is defined as, “any licensed vehicle owned, leased and/or rented by the State of Louisiana”


Employees shall not use a Wireless Telecommunications Device (ex: cell phones) while driving in a state-owned, leased, or private vehicle that is being driven on state business.  This includes writing, sending, or reading a text based  communication and engaging in a call. Use of a Wireless Telecommunications Device is permissible for passengers in such vehicles.

        1. Report a traffic crash, medical emergency, or serious road hazard.
        2. Report a situation in which the person believes his personal safety is in jeopardy.
        3. Report or avert the perpetration or potential perpetration of a criminal act against the driver or another person.
        4. Engage in a call or write, send or read a text-based communication while the motor vehicle is lawfully parked.   

Notice of Driver's Safety Program Compliance

Process of Certification of Drivers

Step-by-step process for certification of employees with Louisiana drivers licenses
Step-by-step process for certification of employees without Louisiana drivers licenses
Step-by-step process for certification of non-employee drivers

Authorization and Driving History Form (DA2054)

Supplemental Louisiana Tech Driver's Authorization and History Form (Department Endorsement Form)

State of Louisiana Acknowledgement for Non Employees in State Vehicles

Annual Driving Record Review

High Risk Drivers

Faculty/Staff Certified Drivers (3 Year Certification)

Student Certified Drivers (1 Year Certification)

Office of Risk Management Accident Form

Assignment of Responsibilities of Driver Safety Program

Accident Reporting Involving Vehicles

Per State of Louisiana travel regulations, only students that are employees may drive vehicles owned, leased, rented or having mileage reimbursed by Louisiana Tech University.