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Emergency Contacts

 Environmental Health and Safety           Department                          257-2120


University Student Health Center       257-4866

Ambulance  911

North Louisiana Medical Center     254-2100

Poison Control Center                800-222-1222


Ruston Fire Department                        911


University Police                              257-4018

Ruston Police                                       911

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Shops, Grounds, Custodial, and Tool/Equipment Use Safety Programs



The Louisiana State Office of Risk Management has directed the University to develop general safety rules and policies which apply to all employees and sets of site (budget unit)/task -specific rules which apply to a particular unit. All new employees must receive a copy of these rules/policies from their supervisor when hired and such actions are documented by the supervisor on a “New Employee Safety and Risk Management Orientation Form” . During their probationary period, new employees must also complete the Louisiana Tech University Safety/Risk Management Training course, which discusses general safety/risk management policies and procedures in more detail. All continuing employees must attend this course every 3 years. Employees are scheduled for this course by the Office of Human Resources (HR), who is also responsible for documentation of each employee’s participation. The Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) is responsible for course presentation.

New Employee Safety and Risk Management Orientation

Safety Meeting/Training Documentation Form

Workers Compensation - First Report of Injury or Illness Form


Basic Inspection Report Forms
Louisiana Tech Work Order
DA-2054-ORM Driver's Authorization and History Form
Supplemental Louisiana Tech Driver's Authorization and History Form
DA2000 State Employee Incident/Accident Investigation Form
DA-3000-ORM "Visitor/Client Accident Reporting Form"
ORM Job Safety Analysis Form
Acknowledgment by Non-Employees
Request for Disposal of Hazardous Waste
Employee Refusal to Take Hepatitis B Vaccination

New Employee Certificate

Hazardous Material Inventory Spreadsheet