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Environmental Health and Safety

Emergency Contacts

 Environmental Health and Safety           Department                          257-2120


University Student Health Center       257-4866

Ambulance  911

North Louisiana Medical Center     254-2100

Poison Control Center                800-222-1222


Ruston Fire Department                        911


University Police                              257-4018

Ruston Police                                       911

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Emergency Information
Safety/Risk Management Policies

Safety Documents
Safety Meetings and Training

Driver's Safety Program

Accident and "Near-Miss" Reporting

Chemical Safety

Biological Safety

Radiological Safety

Shops, Grounds, Custodial, and Tool/Equipment Use Safety Programs



University Safety Plan, including University Lab Safety and Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan-Policies 4200-4222

Biosafety and Radionuclide Institutional Review Committee - Policy 7116

Violence Free Workplace Policy - Policy 1430

Harassment - Policy 1438

Possession of Firearms - Policy 1431

Drug-Free Workplace Policy - Policy 1411

Employee Drug Testing Policy - Policy 1412

Keys for Offices and Buildings - Policy 4106

Policy on Emergency Situations Announced through the News Media - Policy 4221

Transporting Faculty, Staff and Students to the University Health Center, Hospital or Doctor's Office - Policy 4222

Travel Policy - Policy 5401

Vehicle Use Policy - Policy 5408